Module I: Endocrinology

Module I: Endocrinology

Module I: Endocrinology, a core course in the Fellowship, is critical in helping to develop the necessary skills to treat complex patients and cases. This module will focus on the hormonal changes that manifest in both men and women through the aging process, in addition to a review of patient case studies and interactive discussion with leading hormone experts. Sessions will review the understanding of the physiology and biochemistry of sex hormones, coupled with learning protocols for hormone dosing.

Upon completion of this module, the participants will:

  • Interpret the structure of the sex hormones & their metabolism
  • Review key signs & symptoms of adrenal fatigue and relevant lab testing
  • Evaluate the differences between specialized compounding and manufacturing medications
  • Discuss the various patient care areas that involve specialized compounding
  • Recognize the hormonal changes that manifest during the aging process, including functions of estrogen, progesterone, testosterone & DHEA in the body
  • Review the literature on synthetic & bio-identical hormone replacement
  • Assess treatment, dosages, and side effects of BHRT
  • Discuss roles of iodine in the body, and treatment of iodine deficiency
  • Recognize symptoms of PMS and accompanying treatment modalities
  • Review conventional & metabolic treatments for PCOS
  • Recognize clinical manifestations of hypothyroidism
  • Discuss treatment for hormone replacement, including compounded thyroid medications
  • Investigate the importance of measuring hormonal tissue levels, in diagnosing hormonal imbalances & in monitoring bio-identical hormone replacement
  • Evaluate the urine monitoring of hormone levels & metabolites, with specific algorithms for practice
  • Discuss the methodology of scientific support for & the differences in, saliva, urine & blood testing of hormones


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Here’s What Fellows Are Saying About Module I

"Needless to say, I have realized the overall aspects with respect to metabolic medicine that are not addressed through the traditional model. It now appears to me there is data and science for which changes can be made in practice. "

- Rafer Leach, MD

"Instructed me on coordinating the evaluation of the thyroid and gonadal dysfunctions with the primacy of adrenal dysfunctions was essential to achieving my patients' goals with maximum safety and speed. "

- Daniel Stock, MD

"I have already made "cheat sheets" for myself with tips for practice and put in my office rooms! "

- Cynthia Keller