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Wellness Pharmacy of Cary is located in the beautiful Preston area of Cary, close to RTP and just outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. 

Although we compound all types of medications, we specialize in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT). Our staff is expertly trained in compounding hormones, and together, we hold over fifteen years of compounding experience. 

We proudly offer hormone and wellness consultations, conducted by Dr. Megan Pasookhush. Dr. Megan graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1997. She later attended Campbell University where she received her MBA from Lundy Fetterman School of Business and Doctor of Pharmacy from College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences in 2003.

Through many years of being a pharmacist, Dr. Megan is always committed to giving the best care to her patients in various pharmacy settings. Realizing her passion for pharmacy compounding and individualized medicine, she began her journey as a compounding pharmacist. She received her training through PCCA and has obtained certification for Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Specialist. In addition, she is currently working on a Fellowship in Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine through Morsani College of Medicine at the University of South Florida.


“Helping others find a path to wellness is my passion. I have come across so many people who struggle their way to better health. I love meeting new patients and getting to know their stories.To me, each patient deserves individualized care because no two people are alike. Through compounding medications, I am able to do what I love and follow my dreams to help my patients find balance, vitality, and wellness.” ~ Dr. Megan Pasookhush

February 2019 A4M Member of the Month

Q1: Before joining A4M, what was your medical background?

After 12 years in the retail pharmacy setting, I realized that I was watching my patients get bogged down in an accumulation of commercial medications without an end in sight. I felt like I was just a participant in the cycle of “sick” medicine. I decided to look outside the boundaries of traditional pharmacotherapy. I began working in a compounding pharmacy and became fascinated when I learned about alternative therapies. I wanted to know more. I began searching for avenues to become more educated and involved in functional medicine. Joining A4 was instrumental in helping me launch a business where I could run with my own ideas.

Q2: What anti-aging techniques have you incorporated into your practice? And how did you so?

Through my training with A4M and my advance education with PCCA (Pharmacy Compounding Center of America), compounded preparations used in many anti-aging therapies have always been extended at our pharmacy. One of my current favorites is compounded Synapsin nasal spray which is utilized to support cognitive function. Many patients have responded well to its use. Another successful area in my practice is the incorporation of various high-grade supplements and nutritional therapies to address drug-induced nutrient depletion. This approach has shown to be effective in limiting the pharmacotherapy domino effect we often see.

Q3: What are the benefits of practicing anti-aging medicine? (as a professional, and for your practice?)

The benefits of practicing functional medicine are, as a provider you are equipped with extra tools in your toolbox in every aspect. The way I see it, functional medicine is such a cool niche! There are always benefits in watching a patient make great strides as their quality of life improves. Functional providers are few and far between and I am honored to be a source for my community and beyond, a bridge to connect people with knowledge and methods in Anti-aging medicine. For years, I’ve witnessed a pill for every illness but now, we are looking at it in a more expansive way. Some of the avenues that anti-aging medicine explores are genetics, micronutrients, hormones, gut and microbiome, detoxification pathways, environmental factors, and whole food nutrition. Patients are looking for real answers, and we are able to guide them by embracing this approach. Sometime we’re the first step a patient takes when they know they need more, but they don’t know where to start. This is where our pharmacy model lends a hand. Not only are we here for general wellness consults, we also connect them with the providers they need so they can achieve their goals. The more I am able to apply what I’ve learned to what my patients need, and I watch them run with it, the more fired up I get!

Q4: What are the changes you see in your patients?

I’ve seen some incredible changes in a majority of my patients. These changes range from small but meaningful outcomes like added energy from simply switching to a professional grade multivitamins, to a more extreme result like cage diving with great white sharks after 14 months of receiving a functional medicine approach that had started with the patient being lethargic and wanting to sleep all day. So, for some it’s a process, a small tweak here and there. For others, it can be a drastic change.

Q5: Why would you recommend Anti-Aging Medicine to your peers?

I will always recommend learning about functional medicine to my peers. Once you have the knowledge, it will change the way you help your patients. Functional medicine is more than the drug names written on the prescription pad. It is about incorporating lifestyle changes and treating the root cause. Think about how much impact we can have on current conventional medicine if all of our peers have the knowledge to share with their patients. The definition of living a healthy life is different in people who use functional medicine versus people who only use a conventional approach. It’s about being proactive and living a naturally healthy life without taking a menagerie of pharmaceuticals.

Q6: Where do you see the future of Anti-Aging medicine 20 years from now?

I see functional medicine being incorporated in many more places because people are asking for it now. In 20 years, I hope the approaches of functional medicine will start from birth to end of life care. I hope to see better choices being made from prenatal care, to grocery stores, to school systems, to work environment, etc. We’re seeing chronic illnesses, allergens and toxins today that were not so common 100 years ago. Through anti-aging medicine, we have the opportunity to make a difference in the health of future generations!

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