Martin Gallagher, MD, DC, MS

Martin Gallagher, MD, DC, MS

Dr. Martin Gallagher is uniquely licensed as a board certified family physician, board certified integrative medicine, physician acupuncturist, and chiropractor.

He is the medical director of Integrative Medicine at Medical Wellness Associates in Jeannette, Pa., just outside of Pittsburgh. Medical Wellness Associates is a self contained, state of the art, medical facility with a staff of 45, that incorporates chiropractic manipulation, medical acupuncture, IV nutritional therapy, BHRT, IV laser therapy, regenerative injection therapies including stem cells, PRP, prolotherapy and every form of ozone including MAH, Prolozone, Hemozone, ENT ozone, ColonOzone, and Stem Cell Ozone injections.

Dr. Gallagher is on the faculty at West Virginia University, Department of family medicine, where he teaches integrative medicine to family medicine residents.

He established the first medical residency program in the US, in which family medicine residents can become double boarded in family medicine and medical acupuncture at graduation.

He is also on the clinical faculty at the University of Wisconsin, at the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Institute, where he teaches Prolotherapy and Regenerative Injection Therapy.

Dr. Gallagher is board certified in Ozone therapy and has studied ozone in the US and Europe.

He is a board member of the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine, a non-surgical orthopedic association of physicians trained in regenerative therapies and the Hackett Hemwall Patterson Foundation in Madison, Wisconsin.

He is a frequent lecturer at AAOT, A4M, and can be heard every Saturday morning on his popular weekly nationwide Sirius Radio broadcast, called “Alternatives to Medicine”.