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This workshop is designed to expand and refine a clinician’s diagnostic abilities in order to better understand root causes and more accurately diagnose disease and conditions. The program will analyze the best ways to assess the reliability and validity of a lab and examine lab ranges. Participants can expect to review various body systems and examine the latest relevant research and new developments in assessment tools.


  • Examine basic and advanced biological markers for human health across major body systems.
  • Critically appraise the technical aspects of laboratory sciences and develop a framework for assessing quality and validity.
  • Synthesize and apply clinical decision-making to laboratory values and understand both normal and optimal ranges.
  • Review advanced diagnostic markers related to longevity and optimal health.
  • Apply new knowledge in the clinical case review of different body systems and develop patient management skills as part of the laboratory assessment process.


The GI Effects Stool Profile & Laboratory Fundamentals
Sponsored by: Genova Diagnostics
Patricia Devers, DO
Utilizing Specialty Stool Testing in Clinical Practice
Sponsored by: Genova Diagnostics
Filomena Trindade, MD
The Importance of Nutritional Balance and Nutritional Testing
Sponsored By: Genova Diagnostics
Pamela W. Smith, MD, MPH, MS
The NutrEval Profile & Laboratory Fundamentals
Sponsored By: Genova Diagnostics
Michael Chapman, ND
Fasting Mimicking Diet: Science & Clinical Application
Sponsored by: L-Nutra
James Kelley, MD, MBA
Clinical Approaches to Vascular Health: Lab Biomarkers & Case Studies
Sponsored by: Calroy
Joel Kahn, MD
Environment, Neuroinflammation and Autoimmunity
Sponsored by: Cyrex
Aristo Vojdani, PhD, M.Sc., CLS
Functional Endocrinology: Advances and Best Practices in Laboratory Testing
Sponsored by: Precision Analytical
Mark Newman, MS
Functional Endocrinology: Evidence Based Practice Through the Lens of Case Studies
Sponsored by: Precision Analytical
Doreen Saltiel, MD, JD, FACC, FAARM, ABAARM
Introduction to Epigenetic Methylation: Why it is the Best Age-Related Biomarker and How to Use it in Clinical Age Management
Sponsored by: Tru Diagnostic
James LaValle, RPh, CCN
The Science Behind Food Sensitivity Testing
Sponsored by: Immuno Labs
Boone Zavik, COO of Immuno Labs
Metabolic Code: The Complete Digital Solution to Personalized Lifestyle Medicine
Andrew Heyman, MD MHSA & James LaValle, RPh, CCN
Healthy Aging & The Microbiome: Insights with GI-MAP
Sponsored by: Diagnostic Solutions
Tom Fabian, PhD, CNTP
Detoxifying the Inflamed Patient; Cytokines, Histamine and Oxidative Stress
Sponsored by: Precision Point
Cheryl Burdette, ND
The Latest Clinical and Mechanistic Studies on non-IgE Food Allergy Using the Alcat Test
Sponsored By: Cell Science
Roger Deutsch & Amy Pieczarka, RDN, LDN, CCN, IFNCP, CDCES
Food Allergy and Sensitivity Screening: The F.A.S.T. Approach to Comprehensive Food Allergy and Sensitivity and Its Effect on Metaflammaging
Sponsored by: Infinite Allergy Labs
James LaValle, RPh, CCN


Lab Fundamentals