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After almost 20 years of a hectic corporate lifestyle with various multinationals, the stressful and imbalanced lifestyle took a toll on her health. Indigestion, allergies, acne and constant fatigue were common health issues. On realizing that the medications helped to alleviate symptoms but do not provide a cure or reversal for her conditions, she decided to search for an alternative. In doing so, discovered the science of Nutritional Medicine.It's not easy to maintain good health, especially in this modern society. Though we all value good health, yet we have created a way of living that is so damaging to our health. We 'short changed' on a healthy diet, we ignore our bodies messages of pains and fatigue, we seek quick fixes to mask the ill symptoms until they turn into more serious medical problems. Then there's the ever-confusing health and nutritional messages that we get from the different parties, leaving us at the crossroads, lost as to which direction to take towards better health.

Treating a chronic, medical condition is just a start - a step towards good health. Over the years, I realized that maintenance of good health depends greatly on the individual, after their therapy. Many fail, lost their way in their journey towards wellbeing, and eventually returned for further nutritional therapy. One of the main culprit is following inaccurate dietary information, taking incorrect supplementation, eating the wrong of kind of "health foods", giving rise to nutritional imbalances and metabolic disorders. I want to ensure that all our clients are equipped to continue on their lifelong journey towards good health, even after their therapy. Therefore, at Aman Wellness, our Mission is not just to TREAT, but to TEACH and equip our clients with the right knowledge for their journey towards wellbeing.

We give health talks to general public, as well as training to paraprofessionals and nutritional students in recent advancements in nutritional therapy. The goal is to provide the right knowledge to as many as possible, so that they can carry forward this knowledge, creating a positive, ripple effect on an over-expanding number of people with medical conditions due to improper nutrition.

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