A Redefined Approach to Functional Medicine

Transform your approach to patient-care, and ultimately the trajectory of your clinical career, through the Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Metabolic Medicine (FAAMM). Designed for active practitioners seeking to lead at the very forefront of patient-centered medicine, FAAMM delivers the most comprehensive and forward-thinking clinical training available through a highly personalized and flexible format.

Through an advanced, integrative, systems-biology approach to care, FAAMM has helped clinicians across the globe move past simply treating symptoms but rather deliver optimized clinical outcomes for patients of all ages and backgrounds. The time to do the same for your patients and clinical career is now.

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Why This Fellowship?

Access to world-class clinical educators

Access to world-class clinical educators who lead and guide fellows throughout fellowship.

Systems-biology approach to care

Systems-biology approach to care that addresses the interconnected nature of health and targets root causes of disease & optimizes wellness.

Designed to be personalized

Designed to be personalized around your specific schedule and preferred pace.

A uniquely comprehensive clinical scope

A uniquely comprehensive clinical scope that encompasses anti-aging, regenerative, traditional therapeutics and more.

Training that includes a complete professional skillset

Training that includes a complete professional skillset including medical technology uses, data analysis, practice management, legal considerations, and more.


Written Competency Exam Check
Oral Competency Exam*(applicable to MDs, DOs) Check
Medical Degree, Active Medical License, CV demonstrating 5 years practice*, and signed affidavit Check
40 Webcasts Check
3 Case Study submissions (Allied Healthcare Professionals) Check
6 Case Study submissions (MDs, DOs) Check
150 hours of CME credit (Allied Healthcare Professionals) Check
200 hours of CME credit (MDs, DOs) Check
Module I: Advanced Endocrinology: The Hormonal Symphony Check
Module II: Cardiology Check
Module III: Frontiers in Neurology and Brain Health Check
Module IV: Gastroenterology: The Crossroads of Health Check
Module V: Triads: A Systems Biology Approach Check
*Module VI: Clinical Strategies to Optimize Metabolic Resiliency, Immunocompetence and Biotransformation (Part A) ELECTIVE
*Module VII: Clinical Strategies to Optimize Metabolic Resiliency, Immunocompetence and Biotransformation (Part B) ELECTIVE
*Module VIII: Longevity Medicine and Bio-Hacking-Optimizing Lifespan ELECTIVE

Frequently Asked Questions

Our fellowship program is thoughtfully designed for a wide array of medical professionals including physicians, nurses, physician assistants, nutritionists, pharmacists, chiropractors, and healthcare professionals with a Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, and DDS degrees. Building a new health care paradigm requires an equipped community of healthcare professionals of all roles and backgrounds. Our fellowship program reflects that reality.

One of the many advantages of the fellowship program is the fact that each participant can work at an individualized pace. While the average length to complete the fellowship is 18 months, and our educational advisors recommend finishing within 2 years, the program can be completed at any pace which suits the fellow best.

While many programs provide specialized training through fixed topics and approaches, the FAAMM is centered on outcomes-focused, patient-centered care alone. This means that while our program is grounded in a systems-biology approach to medicine, our fellows are able to analyze a wide array of clinical methods to best provide personalized and strategic care to a broad variety of patients.

Through a highly innovative and personalized learning environment, this fellowship allows you to strategically integrate the tools and techniques best suited for your specific practice. In analyzing the latest and most advanced clinical education available, our fellows are equipped to serve as leaders at the forefront of the chronic illness crisis--building strong and reliable medical practice capable of effectively managing a growing patient population.

The Fellowship provides an in-depth examination of a wide variety of critical clinical topics including endocrinology, cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, mitochondrial health, autoimmune diseases, weight management, cancer therapies and more.

Hear From Our Fellows

"I now have a completely different view of health. Being a pharmacist I was immersed in pharmacokinetics, pharmacology, and biochemistry of medications and how it would affect the body, but that is just one aspect of health. Now it is like putting it all together."

Zoom Heaton, RPh., CDE

"A4M is truly the BEST continuing medical education I've ever done and worth every penny. It has made such a huge impact on how I practice."

Lauren Athena, MS, RD, CSSD

"This training to me is just a complete medical education redefined and retrained. If any doctor has not had these trainings, I dare to say, he/she is lacking in many things that can be offered. My patient base is swelling by the day because of these new approaches I have been taught in A4M."

Ayodele Ogunjobi, MBBS, FRACGP, MPH

"Thanks to A4M I changed the course of my career and I am now living perhaps one of the greatest professional satisfactions ever since. I have truly seen how my patients' lives are changing to better and how this inspires and brings other patients to me."

Ioana Berciu, MD

"Medicine is always advancing and as physicians, we have to consistently stay informed and knowledgeable. Anti-Aging Medicine is the most important investment in future health."

Christine Bishara, MD

"This education gives you more tools to work in directions you did not know possible. This education will change you as a healthcare provider, that is a guarantee."

Veronica Chavis, PA

"Without A4M I wouldn't be able to do what I do (and I'd probably be another burned out, disillusioned doctors look for a way out of medicine.) Instead I love what I do."

Debra Matthew, MD


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