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Manage patient care from virtually any location...

What It Is

The Digital Health Guide is a modern tool built to better enhance the relationship between provider and patient, through personalized & programmable support. Deliver information directly to patients, simplify the process of care, and see significantly improved results and increased revenue. The platform allows clinicians the opportunity to monitor patients in real-time, and create consistent connections & follow-up: ensuring optimal care.

Why It Matters

Many consumers consider patient-provider interaction to be a top health priority, and experts agree that digital technology is increasingly being used to help enhance personalized wellness in many aspects of medicine. The Digital Health Guide utilizes programmable customization to stay on the frontlines of digital technology, while fostering innovation & competition—and creating an environment in which all parties are satisfied.

Where It’s Going

As innovations in digital health are expected to play significant roles in curbing long-term healthcare costs, enabling enhanced patient outcomes, and empowering both patient and provider with real-time data & connections, the Digital Health Guide is a critical tool for clinicians seeking to ensure the most efficient and effective levels of patient care. Most importantly, this data-driven model of healthcare will be key in navigating the future of medicine.

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Assign any of our professionally designed programs to your patients, or generate your own using our plan creator. Both you and your staff have the ability to monitor your patients in real-time through the web portal and app.

Built with your patients in mind.

Through the construction of our Digital Health Guide, we have eliminated the barrier between patient education and optimal follow-up care. With no additional subsequent costs, resources, and time or money, you and your staff can ensure that each patient receives the necessary care information that he/she requires.

By using the Digital Health Guide, your patients receive daily instructions: for as long as required, and with as much necessary detail, so that they can achieve their respective health & wellness goals.

With the implementation of daily communication via emails, patients will not only achieve improved results, but also feel happier—while your practice generates increased revenue, profitability, and productivity.

5 Simple Steps for Lifestyle Guidance

How it works

Create your Digital Health guide today, and receive access to over 60 programs: all of which are customizable. Alternatively, utilize the plan creator to generate your own personalized program. Immediately upload your patients through a spreadsheet, and begin to deliver lifestyle guidance tailored to your patients’ health. Monitor your patients’ activity through a “What’s Happening” Newsfeed, Recent Activity Logs, Tracking, Alerts, and more tools: designed to strengthen communication between patient and provider.

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You, your patients, and staff can collectively access accounts inside of the Digital Health Guide portal, and the app. Programs include diet, exercise, mindfulness, and wellness. While they are turnkey and ready to implement and utilize today, you are also given the option to customize & personalize them—or build your own using our simple content management system.

Patients have the ability to track biometric data, calories, meals, and activity—including steps, sleep, water intake, exercise, and any kind of physical activity: all inside of the portal and app. You and your staff can easily monitor all data from your own accounts on the web, or within the app.

Manage patient care from virtually any location.

An A4M Wellness Platform Account included...

  • Over 60 Wellness Programs (Diet, Exercise, Lifestyle)
  • Mass Messaging Capabilities
  • Bar Code Food Scanning
  • Out-of-Range Alerts
  • Patient Activity/Alerts Portal
  • Retail Marketplace
  • Easy Patient Enrollment
  • Unlimited Staff Accounts
  • Customizable Content
  • Fully Native App for iOS and Android
  • Hundreds of Exercises & Recipes
  • Built-In Assessment Tools
  • Easy Patient Interface
  • Calorie/Food Tracker
  • Customizable Activity & Body-Metrics Tracker
  • Shared Patient Journal
  • HIPAA Compliant Messaging / Document Sharing

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