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We believe that the combination of probiotics and hemp may be genius in the making.

Biome Research and HF Labs are two new companies that are focused on products that address the health of the whole body, with the understanding that everything is connected. Science may one day reveal the potential of the interplay between the gut microbiome and the endocannabinoid system.

Biome Research focuses on products for the microbiome. Introducing an innovative delivery and unique bacteria cell-sustaining system to deliver some of the highest percentages of living bacteria to the lower GI.

HF Labs’ crude hemp oil is EU and USDA certified organic. Each specific formula contains more than CBD alone. We include a unique array of cannabinoids and other constituents including flavonoids, terpenes and omega’s, but never additional isolates. EU-Sourced, primarily from Poland, all heirloom hemp strains are DNA-verified, and bred to contain no more than .2% THC.

Radical transparency is woven into the company DNA of both brands. We disclose farming, extraction, manufacturing, testing and validation methods, in order to create a solid bond of trust with practitioners.

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We are the first company to study the effects of CBD and the reduction of Thromboxane A2 in humans. Click on the link below to request our poster on our human clinical pilot trial, and get more information on our EU certified and USDA organic, Panoramic hemp, and to learn how we are different.

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Most research is done on bacteria that is alive. If bacterial species don’t survive, they cannot perform the tasks that the research documents. We use a proprietary delivery system that ensures that more bacteria make the journey to the lower GI, that includes electrolytes to prevent bacterial cell lysing. And we use Flow Cytometry testing to evaluate the cell membrane to determine if it is fully intact

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