Claudio Tomella, MD

Viale Umbria n ° 45 , Milan
20135, IT
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Claudio Tomella, MD is a Nutritionist and Anti-Aging Practitioner in Milan, Italy. He currently practices anti-aging medicine, nutrition and integrative medicine in Italy as well as giving courses and congresses worldwide. He obtained his degree in medicine and surgery on 22/10/1992 at the University of Milan, with honors and the specialization as a nutritionist at the University of Milan at 13.11.1996. He got his first certificate of Professional Training in Eating Disorders and Obesity in Verona in 2003. In 2008 he completed his post graduate School Diploma in Anti-Aging Medicine at Niguarda Cà Granda Hospital in Milan (Dr. Thierrry Hertoghe and colleagues). He has achieved the Diploma of the Quadrennial Course of Nutritional Biotherapy at the Center for Studies and Research of Applied Natural Medicine "Vis Sanatrix Naturae" of Rome in 2015. He attained a certification in Peptide Therapy by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (a4am) in 2021. Dr. Claudio Tomella has been invited as a speaker at numerous national and international conferences around the world on the subject of nutrition, bioidentical hormones and anti-aging medicine. He was the Winner of the Best Clinical Case of Anti-Aging Medicine at the Anti Aging and Beauty Trophy Congress (AMEC 2017) in Montecarlo (Principality of Monaco), 15 September 2017. He is the co-author of the book: Integrative Cardiology: A New Therapeutic Vision (Springer) for the Chapters:

· Nutrition and Cardiac Health

· Low-Dose Therapy for the Treatment of Low-Grade Chronic Inflammation

· Metabolic Cardiology

· Integrated Approach to Dyslipidemia

He is the Author of the Ebook: "All about Bioidentical Hormones" in 2020. He has participated in numerous television and radio broadcasts, and has been interviewed by numerous newspapers as an expert in nutrition, supplement and anti-aging medicine. Dr. Tomella is a member of the scientific Committee of Regenera Research Group for Aging Intervention and President of Olosmedica. He was a medical doctor of internal medicine at the hospital in Garbagnate Milanese from 30/12/1994 to 20/03/2000. He subsequently worked as an internal medicine doctor at the ATS City of Milan and the Luigi Sacco Hospital (University Center), where he is currently continuing his work. Dr. Tomella work also at his office in Milan as a nutritionist, anti-aging and integrated medicine doctor, treating patients according to 360° vision in terms of hormonal balance, thyroid, bioidentical hormones, menopause, andropause and successful aging.

  • Alternative Medicine
  • Dietetics
  • Preventive Medicine
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