Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy

Central Drugs Compounding Pharmacy

520 W. La Habra Blvd
La Habra, CA 90631
United States
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Offered Services:

  • Aesthetic Medical TreatmentAesthetic Medical Treatment
  • Alternative TherapiesAlternative Therapies
  • Compounding PharmaciesCompounding Pharmacies
  • DentalDental
  • DermatologyDermatology
  • Hair RejuvenationHair Rejuvenation
  • Mesotherapy/Hormone TherapiesMesotherapy/Hormone Therapies
  • NutraceuticalsNutraceuticals
  • PharmaceuticalsPharmaceuticals
  • Weight ManagementWeight Management

We’re Innovators
Central Drugs is an industry leader recognized for pushing prescription medication technology to new heights. At Central Drugs, we know that patients are individuals and often require a broader array of options for their prescription needs. Our innovations are focused on customized applications and convenient packaging to provide patients with better medication options. We work to identify the problems before others do, and find solutions that no one else dreamed of.

We’re Experts
Dr. Nayan Patel leads an experienced team of pharmacists at Central Drugs. Dr. Patel is an expert in the compounding pharmacy industry and is often called upon to speak internationally about the direction and role of compounding pharmacies in overall health.

Dr. Patel has assembled a team of pharmacists carefully selected for their medical knowledge, unique perspective on health issues, and attention to customer service. Whether you are looking for answers to questions regarding specific medications or health in general, our pharmacists are here to help you.

We’re Here to Serve
Whether you’re coming to Central Drugs to fill a routine prescription or have recently experienced a bump in your road to maintaining good health, our pharmacists and service staff understand that you’re looking for the right solution – quickly, conveniently, and painlessly. Whether you order online or walk through the door at one of our pharmacies, you become our first priority. Our prescriptions ship within 24 hours.

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