Brendan McCarthy, ND

Protea Medical Center
1949 W. Ray Road, Suite 10, Chandler,
AZ 85224, US
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  Dr. Brendan McCarthy founded Protea Medical Center in 2002. While he’s been the chief medical officer, Protea has grown and evolved into a dynamic medical center serving the Valley and Central Arizona.

  A nationally recognized as an expert in hormone replacement therapy, Dr McCarthy s the only instructor in the nation who teaches BioHRT on live patients. Physicians travel to Arizona to take his course and integrate it into their own practices. Besides hormone replacement therapy, Dr. McCarthy has spoken nationally and locally before physicians on topics such as weight loss, infertility, nutritional therapy and more. Dr. McCarthy is viewed as been employed by the state medical board as an expert witness.

  Often we look at the qualifications of a physician to help us choose a doctor. But if you ask any patient what makes a doctor stand out, he or she will tell you there is much more to a doctor than credentials and titles. A doctor needs to be compassionate, dynamic, and empathic. Dr. McCarthy has built his practice upon his dedication to each individual patient. He is passionate about both his work and educating patients on the meaning of their specific conditions. Individual patients through referral have built Protea Medical Center into the thriving practice it is today.

 Through successful case after successful case, Protea has achieved its current position as a premier clinic dedicated to hormone balance, healthy metabolism, and the best quality of life. Dr. McCarthy’s halmark is his unorthodox approach to mental/emotional wellness and its link to hormone balance in women and men. Through the use of blood work and clinical investigation, Dr. McCarthy gets to the bottom of possible causes for common conditions such as anxiety, PMS, depression, slow metabolism, weight gain, and insomnia.

  • Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy/ BHRT
  • Sexual Health
  • Weight Management
  • Wellness Program
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