Allen Meglin, MD

Allen Meglin, MD

Dr. Meglin earned his Medical Degree at University of Pittsburgh, graduating AOA. He completed a surgical internship, followed by diagnostic radiology at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. He received additional training in needle placement and minimally invasive procedures at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Dr. Meglin has authored several medical publications, was a featured lecturer, and has several medical device patents.His love of minimally invasive procedures and desire to practice cutting edge medicine led him to regenerative medicine. Dr. Meglin has received training from the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, with coursework accredited by The Mayo Clinic, the Regenerative Medicine Training Institute, and the American Medspa Association. Dr. Meglin’s application to the American Board of Regenerative

Medicine has been accepted, and he is now one of a handful of physicians that are board eligible in regenerative medicine. He is a frequently invited speaker on the topics of Regenerative Medicine basic science, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy and comprehensive treatment of disease using regenerative techniques.

Dr Meglin is a member of the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine. (AARM), International Hyperbaric Association (IHA), undersea and hyperbaric medicine society (UHMS) International board of hyperbaric medicine (IBUM)

He has participated in trials studying biologic age and how to reverse aging. Dr. Meglin has studied the biologic effects of COVID and treatment with biologics. Dr. Meglin has patent pending on a regenerative medicine delivery device and process, and is participating in several 510(k) FDA applications. He has trademarked “stack the hack”(tm)