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The SottoPelle Method was created by the late Gino Tutera MD, FACOG (a board certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist) in 2002, but first discovered this method of working with pellets in 1992. Through his own clinical trials and academic research, he refined the science behind pellet hormone replacement therapy to create individualization of pellets called: The SottoPelle Method. During the beginning years of utilizing pellet therapy, he was furthering his knowledge and understanding of how they work. Most importantly he was working on how to individualize the dose for every person.  At that time, there were very few in the United States who knew about pellets and how to use them. The initial way to treat patients was to give everyone the same dose regardless of age, size, weight and health issues. Dr. Tutera revolutionized the industry when he developed the individualized patient dosing of pellets in the early 1990’s. His theory was built on the premise that not everyone wears the same size shoe.  Many times he stated: “Why should we all receive the same amount of hormone when we all don’t wear the same size shoe.”

The SottoPelle Method uses pellets which are an all-natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy system that specializes in the use of subcutaneous testosterone and estradiol pellets. This method was first used in 1937 in England and Australia. Our mission statement is Safe and Effective, Ethical & Scientific. We differ in medical ethics, quality of patient care, and quality of the bio-identical hormone pellets. The use of biologically identical, non-synthetic, testosterone and estradiol is safe, and the use of pellets as the delivery method provides is effective. The delivery method of pellets allows for the continual release of the hormone - the key to improving brain and muscle function. Other delivery methods result in sporadic, or a "roller coaster," effect in the delivery and release of hormones within the body. These methods include pills, patches, injectables, and creams. Literature shows that the use of pellets and all natural testosterone carries less risk compared to synthetic testosterone.

The SottoPelle Method uses a science based approach to prescribing (dosing) the patient the appropriate amount of testosterone and/or estradiol based on specific factors about the individual and their blood analysis. Our web based multi- patented dosing application: Dosaggio, was developed in the late 90’s to help physicians dose and manage their patients.

Our Services goes beyond simply providing physicians with training. SottoPelle is actively dedicated to helping providers be successful, both professionally and financially. SottoPelle assists you with providing top quality patient care and an unparalleled level of customer service while at the same time, becoming financially successful through the utilizing of The SottoPelle Method as an alternative source of revenue. SottoPelle continuously updates its process, procedures and relationships which will be passed on to you for your benefit. We develop long-term relationships built on trust, and strive to be knowledgeable and compassionate. Our Goal is to take your mind off the business and focus on the patient.

Choose SottoPelle®, the global leader in pellet hormone therapy – naturally!

Helping people live healthier, stronger and longer ~ Gino Tutera MD FACOG, Founder

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