Sexual Health Symposium - October, 2017 - West Palm Beach, FL

Course Description

Sexual health is a multifactorial phenomenon, and closely tied to a person’s overall health and wellness. Sexuality has the potential to enhance one’s quality of life, and studies have indicated that improved sexual function yields a multitude of health benefits—including improved sleep, immunity, improved compliance with medications, and a potential correlation with lowered cancer and chronic medical illness rates. Conversely, sexual dysfunctions can lead to marital discord, social isolation, depression, anxiety, and lowered self-esteem.

The etiology of sexual problems in both men and women often involves a dynamic process, reviewing the medical/biological, psychological, behavioral, and sociocultural aspects that collectively influence the sexual response cycle. Developing a multi-modal, comprehensive therapeutic intervention requires a host of clinical tools: behavioral exercises, psychological interventions, sexual pharmacology, devices, herbs and supplements, and lifestyle changes.

This course will review the most current, clinical evidence-based data regarding sexuality health care concerns, including the diagnosis and treatment of sexual disorders.

Topics will focus on the clinical and practical application of sexual medicine knowledge, and how to implement and integrate it into everyday clinical use.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify, assess, evaluate, and diagnose common sexual complaints in both men and women.
  • Define the common sexual problems that men and women experience throughout their lifetimes.
  • Discuss the impact that pregnancy, infertility, STIs, andropause, menopause, and chronic illness have on sexuality, and the impact of medications on sexual response.
  • Identify the wide range of human sexual expression including lesbian and gay sexuality, BDSM, paraphilias, and transgender sexuality.
  • Develop a comprehensive treatment paradigm that includes behavioral interventions and psychological treatments.
  • Cultivate a holistic treatment model that includes sexual pharmacology, herbs, and supplements.
  • Use evidence-based data to support treatment responses that assist in male and female sexual dysfunctions, and incorporate both sexual pharmacology and non-medical interventions.


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