A4M/MMI is excited to announce the 2017 Summer Summit, celebrating our 25th anniversary with 25 keynotes and 25 hours of education for only $250.

The Summer Summit provides meaningful and engaging education across a broad spectrum of topics, including hormone therapy, the microbiome, nutrition & diet, inflammation, regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy, digital technology, and many other sessions that focus on the advancements in modern medicine.

We have specifically curated and created a series of sessions engineered to bring affordable education directly to you. This is an opportunity to expand and enhance your education, while learning protocols and practices from key thought leaders and faculty members.

Save your seat today, as this unique educational opportunity is offered for a limited time only.

Join us and advance your education, as we launch our 2017 Summer Summit!




A Microbial Basis for Disease Expression

Robynne Chutkan, MD (47 minutes)

Always Hungry?

David Ludwig, MD (58 minutes)

Are Zombie Doctors Taking Over America?

Zubin Damania, MD (59 minutes)

Autophagy, Senescence, Arterial Inflammation, Relationship to Aging and CVD

Brad Bale, MD (40 minutes)

Connect and Be Heard: Make a Difference in Healthcare with Social Media

Kevin Pho, MD (63 minutes)

Diagnosis and Treatment of Environmental Toxicity

Jill Carnahan (160 minutes)

Food as Medicine: Preventing and Treating Disease with Diet

Michael Greger, MD (63 minutes)

Functional Medicine Approach to Assessing and Treating

Jill Carnahan Functional (174 minutes)

Head Strong: Mitochondria, Willpower and Food

Dave Asprey (44 minutes)

Healing the Mind with Food

Tana Amen, RN (30 minutes)

How Microbes Define, Shape and Might Even Heal Us

Rob Knight, PhD (63 minutes)

Importance of Multi-Marker Approach for Defining Cardiovascular Risk

Marc Penn, MD (29 minutes)

Inflammation and Aging: The Impact of Nutrition, the Gut Microbiome and the Intestinal Permeability

Alessio Fasano, MD (52 minutes)

Learning How to Talk to Patients

Erika Schwartz, MD (30 minutes)

Life at the Speed of Light

Craig Venter, PhD (37 minutes)

Nutrition – The Basic Care and Feeding of Homo Sapiens: Are We Truly Clueless?

Dr. David Katz (66 minutes)

Solving the World’s Problems through Regenerative Medicine: Accelerate or Perish

Alexander Zhavoronkov, PhD (103 minutes)

Starting with Nutrition – A New Approach to Treating Pain

Heather Tick, MD (56 minutes)

Stem Cells Aging Understanding as a Platform to Enhance Tissue Regeneration

Massimo Dominici, MD (31 minutes)

Technology and Your Brain

Gary Small, MD (51 minutes)

Testosterone Therapy in Men: Panacea, Scourge, or the Next Big Thing in Medicine?

Abraham Morgentaler, MD (38 minutes)

The Brain Warriors Way: Protecting and Optimizing the Most Important Part of You

Daniel Amen, MD (59 minutes)

The Future of Health & Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us

Daniel Kraft, MD (59 minutes)

The Lucky Years: How to Thrive in the Brave New World of Health

David Agus, MD (42 minutes)

Wheat Belly

William Davis, MD (56 minutes)

Whitespace: Take Back Control of Your Time

Juliet Funt (53 minutes)

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