This two-week longitudinal online course will prepare practitioners to prescribe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for women at an expert level. It is designed to review the latest national treatment guidelines and cutting-edge scientific articles to build upon current clinical knowledge and skills that expand on the benefits, risks and adverse effects associated with BHRT therapy.– In depth discussion of the latest peer-reviewed research on prescribing BHRT, providing starting dosing protocols, expanding on HRT testing modalities and focusing on treatment guidelines yielding successful patient outcomes and enhancing critical thinking skill.

If you are a health professional looking to refine your clinical decision-making skills to take your BHRT practice to the next level, this course has been curated specially for you.

Course Description and Requirements

Students will have direct access to faculty during the course through weekly discussion boards, case analyses, literature reviews, and paper submissions. The online learning environment ensures active faculty interaction while delivering multi-modal content through video, academic articles, book chapters, and various assignments. This is the graduate-level program you have been waiting for to learn how to manage some of your most complex patients. Class size is limited to ensure personal attention by faculty to every student.

Pre-Requisite Course Requirement (at least one of the following):

  1. A4M BHRT Symposia
  2. Module I: Endocrinology

Course Framework

  • Enrolled students can expect to spend 10-15 hours per week on course content.
  • Enrolled students are expected to read weekly assigned articles, view lectures and participate in weekly class meetings.
  • Students are expected to submit the weekly assignment and patient cases for faculty evaluation and feedback by the assigned due date.
  • To promote further engagement and learning from colleagues enrolled in the course, each student is required to participate in the discussion board.
  • Faculty will actively monitor the discussion boards and provide timely input during the two week session.

Learning Objectives

Examine and critique the current literature on the use of BHRT in women regarding the benefits, risks, and side effects.

  • Discuss and refine your patient communication skills as they relate to potential adverse effects of BHRT such as breast cancer, stroke, and heart disease.
  • Interact with faculty and students online to enhance the learning experience, learn cutting edge treatment modalities, and engage in an education-based community setting.
  • Apply the knowledge gained to various common case presentations to enhance history gathering skills, consent forms, prescription writing process, and case management.
  • Apply the material to learn how to dose adjust based on patient symptoms and various testing modalities of hormones.
  • Synthesize knowledge and clinical skills through solving BHRT cases.


Women's Hormones - Online Course | APRIL 8-21, 2024
Women's Hormones - Online Course | OCTOBER 7-20, 2024