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Part II of this workshop will continue to review innovative options for the treatment of sleep disorders and pain, with hands-on demonstrations of various techniques. Due to the prevalence of sleep disorders in both pain patients and the population at large, instructors will review the physiology and neurobiology of sleep, in addition to the various effects of hormones, adrenal, and HPA dysregulation on sleep disorders. Various techniques that can assist in healthy sleep hygiene will be discussed, including tools that reset the circadian clock, and regulate HPA and the neuro-endocrine connection.


  • Review the physiology and neurobiology of sleep
  • List the various technologies to treat restless legs and night terrors
  • Outline solutions for insomnia in menopause
  • Identify the role of the orexin system of neurons in sleep


Sleep Neurocircuitry in Health and Disease
Kelly Olson, PhD
Where do Restless Legs, Nightmares, and Night Terrors live in the Brain; and Cutting‐Edge Technologies to Treat Them
Kelly Olson, PhD
Insomnia in Menopause: How to Cool the Storm!
Sahar Swidan, PharmD, BCPS, ABAAHP, FMNM
The Orexin System of Neurons and Sleep
Kelly Olson, PhD
Sleep Efficacy of Common Sleep Aids: Effect on Sleep Apnea?
Sahar Swidan, PharmD, BCPS, ABAAHP, FMNM
Brain Fitness Pearls and Clinical Cases
Pamela Hughes, DO


Part II
Sleep Disorders and Pain Management
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