Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship Module VIII: Nutritional Integrative Cancer Therapies

Upon completion of the module, the participant will:

  • Learn the importance of fatty acid balance including the importance of fatty acid supplementation in the cancer patient
  • Understand nutrients that can add augmenting cancer therapies
  • Know nutritional depletions caused by chemotherapy
  • Learn nutrients that can decrease side effects of radiation without affecting therapy
  • Identify nutrients that inhibit cancer-dependent enzymes
  • Learn nutrients that can cause apoptosis of cancer cells
  • Know nutrients that inhibit inflammation
  • Review the literature on nutrients that can inhibit tumor invasion
  • Learn nutrients that can block angiogenesis
  • Know nutrients that have anti-hormone effects
  • Identify nutrients that can promote immune enhancement such as beta-glucans, thymus protein extract, mushroom extracts, MGN-3, colostrum, lactoferrin, astragalus, mistletoe extract along with others
  • Identify nutrients that improve barrier strength and reduce tumor invasion
  • Understand the role of antioxidant use with chemotherapy and radiation
  • Know nutrients that decrease the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Learn nutrients that increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and radiation
  • Understand the importance of reducing tumor cell glutathione levels with whey protein intake
  • Understand the importance of hydration in the cancer patient
  • Value the role that melatonin can play in the treatment of cancer
  • Understand the nutrient and herb interactions with conventional cancer therapies
  • Learn the action of vitamin D metabolites on cancer cells