Module VII: (Dubai) - Advanced Injectables

2018 - 04 - Dubai - Aesthetic Fellowship Hands On

Module VII - Dubai - Apr. 05-06

Only: $3,250.00

Upon completion of the module, the participant will:

  • Advanced anatomical considerations in respect to facial injections
  • Detailed clinical knowledge of the various dermal filler substances available on the market and particularly new generation fillers using biostimulant compounds
  • The use of dermal filler substances to contour and volumize the face, rejuvenate hands and female intimate areas
  • Advanced injection techniques that go beyond basic indications for areas such as Temple enhancement, Lateral face lifting procedure with filler, Tear Trough, Temporal hollows, Jawline enhancement, Acne scar treatment, Hands and Rhino modulation
  • Advanced artistic sense of facial sculpting and replacing facial volume
  • Business and management knowledge that will help them develop a thriving aesthetic practice
  • Botox injection techniques focusing on the lower face to rejuvenate and recontour
  • New scientific and clinical evidence on the use of stem cell injection therapy to regenerate skin cells
  • Thread lifting techniques to lift and tighten the face and the neck as a standalone procedure or complementary treatment to fillers and botulinum toxin type A
  • Advanced precautions and management abilities towards potential complications
  • Slimming injection techniques to reduce facial volume with injection lipolysis and carboxytherapy
  • Judiciously and artistically combine various treatments for a complete customized treatment plan for each patient

Module VII Program Outline