ICT Module V

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ICT Online Module V


Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship Module V: Case Histories In Cancer Therapies

Upon completion of the module, the participant will:

  • Learn integrative therapies for many forms of cancer
  • Understand the role of antioxidant use with chemotherapy and radiation
  • Learn to assess cancer-related infections
  • Learn to recognize paraneoplastic syndromes
  • Learn treatment of hematological complications in cancer
  • Learn nutrients that can prevent radiation induced diarrhea
  • Review cases showing that proteolytic enzymes can reduce adverse effects caused by radiation and chemotherapy
  • Learn treatments for side effects of chemotherapy such as nausea, food aversions, sore mouth and throat, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, hair loss, decrease production of blood forming cells
  • Learn methods to help prevent cardiac toxicity caused by chemotherapeutic agents
  • Learn nutrients through case histories that can protect against busulfan toxicity
  • Understand how to prevent complications of chemotherapy such as leaky gut syndrome, yeast overgrowth, malabsorption, loss of digestive enzymes, and low stomach acid
  • Learn nutrients that help prevent kidney damage caused by chemotherapeutic agents
  • Understand nutrients that can be used in conjunction with radiation and chemotherapeutic agents that do not decrease the efficacy of the radiation or chemotherapy
  • Learn nutrients that help protect the nervous system
  • Recognize neurological complications of chemotherapeutic agents
  • Comprehend lymphedema treatments
  • Be familiar with nutrients that protect against radiation necrosis
  • Know nutrients that can increase the effectiveness of radiation


Hypothermia and Cancer Joan Bull, MD
Case Histories, Presentation and Discussion Dwight McKee, MD
Case Histories – Prostate Cancer Mark Rosenberg, MD
Case outcomes of a methodology based on Matzinger’s Danger Model Gar Hildenbrand
Management of Ascites Mark Rosenberg, MD
Finding “Danger” in historical best cases Gar Hildenbrand
Basics of Fever Therapy Stephen Hoption Cann, MD
A Case Based Illustration of Fever Therapy in Advanced Cancer Stephen Hoption Cann, MD
Case Histories, Presentation and Discussion(Continued) Dwight McKee, MD
Case Histories - Glioblastoma Mark Rosenberg, MD
Curative Management of Rare Malignancies Using Cytometric Profiling William Grace, MD
Curative Management of Usually Incurable Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Using Cytometric Profiling William Grace, MD
Curative Management of Rarely Curable Inflammatory & Triple Negative Breast Cancers by Cytometric Profiling William Grace, MD
Cytometric Profiling in the Management of Incurable Cancers William Grace, MD
How To Perform a Nutrition Consultation with Cancer Patients James Meschino, DC, MS, ND
Management of Ascites Mark Rosenberg, MD