ICT Module II

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ICT Online Module II


Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship Module II: The Biology of Cancer

Upon completion of the module, the participant will:

  • Understand normal cell biology
  • Explain apoptosis
  • Comprehend cell differentiation and loss of cell differentiation
  • Identify cell cycle deregulation including restriction point, pRb pathway, C-Myc proto-oncogene pathway
  • Comprehend gene mutations and their role in oncogenesis
  • Learn DNA repair mechanisms
  • Learn cancers resulting from defects in repair pathways
  • Understand that cancer cells grow best in an anaerobic environment
  • Learn new strategies for underlying mechanisms of cancer
  • Understanding the genetic basis of cancer
  • Know the definition of cancer
  • Understand the role that ionization and UV radiation places on carcinogenesis
  • Look at viral carcinogenesis
  • Review the literature on the epidemiology of cancer
  • Look at mutations and cell defenses
  • Know methods for cancer detection and biomarkers
  • Know the growth characteristics of malignant cells
  • Learn signal transduction mechanisms
  • Study angiogenesis and is relationship in cancer development
  • Understand the biology of tumor metastasis
  • Review the molecular genetics of cancer


Understanding the Febrile Response Stephen Hoption Cann, PhD
The Therapeutic Fever Stephen Hoption Cann, PhD
The Therapeutic Fever: Q&A Stephen Hoption Cann, PhD
Fever in Spontaneous and Induced Tumor Regression Stephen Hoption Cann, PhD
Cell Biology, Normal and Malignant Donald Braun, PhD
Molecular Biology, Genetics of Cancer Donald Braun, PhD
Cell Cycle Principles, Regulation and Deregulation Keith Crist, PhD
Molecular Biology Principles and Its Application to Cancer Keith Crist, PhD
Pathophysiology of Cancer Donald Braun, PhD
Cellular Differentiation/Loss of Differentiation James Grustch, PhD
DNA Repair Pathways/Oncogenesis Keith Crist, PhD
Epidemiology of Cancer James Grustch, PhD
Ionization, UV Radiation and Carcinogenesis James Grustch, PhD
Angiogenesis Donald Braun, PhD
Metastasis Donald Braun, PhD
Cancer Detection and Tumor Makers Keith Crist, PhD
Impact of Integrative Medicine James Grustch, PhD
Role of Cancer Genetics in Diagnosis/Prognosis - Targeted gene Therapy Donald Braun, PhD
Principles of Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Donald Braun, PhD
Biology of Natural Killer Cells: Immune Cross-Talk and Therapeutic Implications Sveltlana Khaiboullina, MD
Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells and their Role in Host Defense and Autoimmunity Vince Lombardi, PhD
Cancer Vaccines Donald Braun, PhD
Case Studies Mark Rosenberg, MD