ICT Module II

Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship Module II: The Biology of Cancer

Upon completion of the module, the participant will:

  • Understand normal cell biology
  • Explain apoptosis
  • Comprehend cell differentiation and loss of cell differentiation
  • Identify cell cycle deregulation including restriction point, pRb pathway, C-Myc proto-oncogene pathway
  • Comprehend gene mutations and their role in oncogenesis
  • Learn DNA repair mechanisms
  • Learn cancers resulting from defects in repair pathways
  • Understand that cancer cells grow best in an anaerobic environment
  • Learn new strategies for underlying mechanisms of cancer
  • Understanding the genetic basis of cancer
  • Know the definition of cancer
  • Understand the role that ionization and UV radiation places on carcinogenesis
  • Look at viral carcinogenesis
  • Review the literature on the epidemiology of cancer
  • Look at mutations and cell defenses
  • Know methods for cancer detection and biomarkers
  • Know the growth characteristics of malignant cells
  • Learn signal transduction mechanisms
  • Study angiogenesis and is relationship in cancer development
  • Understand the biology of tumor metastasis
  • Review the molecular genetics of cancer