ICT Module I

Integrative Cancer Therapy Fellowship Module I: Cancer Prevention

Upon completion of the module, the participant will:

  • Know the role stress plays in the genesis of cancer cells
  • Understand the role that sugar has in feeding cancer cells
  • Recognize the role inflammation plays in the development of cancer
  • Aid the patient in developing an anticancer environment for their body
  • Learn anticancer foods
  • Understand the role nutrients have in cancer prevention
  • Know the role emotions play in cancer development
  • Understand the value of cancer screening tests
  • Learn medications that may be related to the development of cancer
  • Know environmental toxins that may be associated with increasing a patient's risk of cancer
  • Emphasize nutrients that may aid in decreasing a patient's risk of cancer development
  • Learn about cancer vaccines
  • Review the studies relating fluoride intake and increase in cancer risk
  • Review the literature concerning alcohol use and the risk of certain cancers
  • Look at the medical literature related to high intake of some nutrients increasing the risk of cancers (B12, Folic acid)
  • Realize that an imbalance of fatty acids in the body may increase the risk of tumor growth
  • Understand that a diet high in omega-6-fatty acids increase estradiol levels which can increase the risk of breast and prostate cancer
  • Recognize the role that cigarette smoking/tobacco use has in increasing the risk of several cancers
  • Evaluate exposure to environmental toxins
  • Understand the role of radiation exposure as a possible cause of cancer; Radiation Onc
  • Understand the molecular mechanisms of aging and its prevention including somatic mutation, telomere loss, mitochondrial damage, formation of free radicals, cell senescence, DNA repair and genome stability, and caloric restriction
  • Know the epidemiology of the known causes of cancer