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This symposium is designed for physicians, nurse practitioners, and other medical professionals seeking to develop their knowledge of intravenous nutritional therapies. The course will focus on the fundamental basics of the practice, while expanding upon the use of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other unique parenteral compounds. Clinicians will gain the ability to immediately and effectively implement various IV protocols into their practices. Sessions will also include hands-on demonstrations, in addition to protocols targeted to optimize patient health and immune support. The curriculum has also recently added three additional hours of chelation.


  • Explain which patients and patient populations will benefit from IV therapy
  • Describe why fatigue is treated with IV therapy
  • Explain what IV Meyers is and how it is used
  • Review different dosing guidelines of IV vitamin C (ascorbic acid)
  • Explain what you need to know about starting IV therapy in your practice
  • Discuss supplies
  • Delineate what testing can be used for patients doing IV therapy
  • Describe how to safely administer IV therapy and assess patient progress
  • Review diagnostic and evaluation testing requirements
  • Discuss compatible combinations of solutions and potential complications
  • Discuss vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, and learn how to create targeted IV therapies
  • Study chelation therapy and specifics on how to remove toxic heavy metals


IV NAD+ for Mitochondrial Support and Addictive Disorders HIIT Protocol and Addiction with Monitoring Parameters
Deepa Verma, MD
Patient Cases
Deepa Verma, MD
Metal Allergy
Lyn Patrick, ND
Environmental Exposures, Toxicity and Disease: IV Approaches
Lyn Patrick, ND
Chelation for CAD
Chelation for Heavy Metals
Dorothy Merritt, MD
Patient Cases
Dorothy Merritt, MD
Introduction to IV Therapy: What You Need to Know about Offering IV Therapy (forms & documentation, minimum requirements, protocols for staff, discuss basics of mixing vs ordering preā€made)
Paul Anderson, NMD
Calculations for Safe IV Practice: Osmolarity, Drip Rate, pH, and More Factors to Create Safe and Effective Nutrient IV’s
Paul Anderson, NMD
Nutritional IV Dosing Protocols and IV Rehydration: Myers Cocktails, common vitamin-mineral formulas, Amino Acids, standard and custom rehydration protocols with monitoring parameters
Paul Anderson, NMD
Vitamin C for Cancer and Other Therapies
Mark Rosenberg, MD
The Regulatory Landscape of Compounding for IV Therapies
Paul Anderson, NMD
Sterile Compounding 101: Do’s and Don’ts
Paul Anderson, NMD


IV Therapy Symposium