ABAAHP Fast Track to Completion

Distinguish Yourself with the Proper Credentials

Become A4M Board Certified By The End of 2017
With Our Accelerated Program

Why become Board Certified?

  • Establish yourself as a leading A4M Board Certified Professional in your region.
  • Demonstrate to your patients that you are committed to the prevention of the diseases associated with aging.

Benefits of the Fast Track Package

  • Specially designed for healthcare practitioners seeking A4M Board Certification

  • The fastest, most comprehensive and economic way to become A4M Board Certified
  • Inclusive of all costs at a discount
  • A unique opportunity to combine home studying with the opportunity to sit for exams and attend conferences and the BONUS to attend a symposium

ABAAHP Fast Track

A4M is offering an accelerated program package for you to become Board Certified by the end of 2017.

  • 1 Year A4M Membership
  • Registration to the Las Vegas, NV Conference (December 2017)
  • Registration to a 2017 Symposium of your choice
  • ABAAHP Review Kit
  • ABAAHP Written Review Course
  • ABBAHP Written Exam
  • Take the ABAAHP Wriiten Exam at these following events:

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