121 Ways to Live 121 Years and More!

121 Ways to Live 121 Years and More!
Dr. Robert Goldman and Dr. Ronald Klatz [softcover; 144 pp; 2005]  [ a4m121waystolive ]
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New Book by A4M Leaders Shares the Health

In 121 Ways to Live 121 Years and More!, Dr. Ronald Klatz, A4M President, and Dr. Robert Goldman, A4M Chairman, provide hundreds of individual tips on a wide variety of topics that relate to improving the healthy human lifespan. Share this exclusive collection of life improving tips for: Beating the Leading Causes of Death, Body Fitness, Brain Fitness, Beauty, Immune Optimization, Sleep, Sex, Stress Reduction, Detoxification, and Preparedness.

Show your patients and clients the secrets of Anti-Aging Intelligence, and key Lifestyle Basics and Food Facts that may help them live long and healthy lives. At 144 pages (softcover), 121 Ways to Live 121 Years and More! is an ideal motivator for your patients and clients to achieve their New Year's Resolutions.

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