Anti-Aging in The News

July 6, 2014  |  Integrative Medicine Breaks Into Convention

By Kate Solomon

Kate Soloman recently published a blog on Huffington Post-Healthy Living highlighting Integrative Medicine breaking into conventional medicine. She mentioned while she is not a dedicated yogi, and occasionally enjoys a fast-food favorite, after attending a conference, she is now hooked on the idea of Integrative Medicine. Admitting she had always been a skeptic, she now names Integrative Medicine as “the wave of the future.”

There has been a change in the winds of healthcare. Soloman states that the traditional approach to medicine is treating an illness as one isolated problem, as opposed to looking at the patient as an entire system. Physicians are now beginning to focus more on treating the patient, not just the symptoms.

Healthy eating, healthy exercising and a healthy lifestyle, leads to healthy aging; the bread and butter of Integrative and Preventive Medicine. “Doctors address patient's physical and mental issues through a more holistic plan that often includes nutrition counseling, meditation techniques, diet changes, and exercise. Integrative medicine is quickly moving its way to the mainstream.”  Read the full article on

February 23, 2014  |  Boston’s blooming biotech ecosystem

Drugs to market, permissive markets, and a maturing industry have created fertile ground

By Christoph Westphal

Over the past decade, the biotech industry has grown rapidly. Dr. Christoph Westphal, partner at Longwood Fund, executive chair of Verastem, and A4M event speaker, was published in the Boston Globe last month explaining the great leaps that the biotechnology industry has over gone, especially in the area of cancer drug research. Dr. Westphal sites last year as the most successful year for biotech IPOS, with 38 companies on Wall Street. His article states that “there has been a fundamental shift in how we treat cancer” due to scientific discoveries made since the year 2000, allowing researchers the ability to determine the weak part of a cancer cell and therefore target it with cancer drugs.
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February 11, 2014  |  Testosterone and Heart Disease

By Pamela W. Smith, MD, MPH, MS

Two recent trials suggest that testosterone replacement therapy may increase the risk of heart disease and/or stroke. 1, 2

These were poorly designed studies which conflict with numerous previous medical trials that show the beneficial effects of testosterone on the heart and that low testosterone levels in males are associated with an increased risk in the development of heart disease.

The following is a comprehensive review of the medical literature on low testosterone being associated with an increased risk in the development of cardiovascular disease and that testosterone replacement at appropriate levels not only decreases the risk of heart disease but can also be used to treat coronary disease.  Read More  Download the PDF

February 4, 2014  |  Testosterone Therapy Does Not Cause Heart Attacks

By Jennifer Landa, MD

A4M Faculty Member Jennifer Landa, MD, OB/GYN, FAARFM, recently published a blog on popular new website, Huffington Post.  Dr. Landa’s blog serves as a response to a recent study published in the journal of Plos One, claiming testosterone therapy is linke to cardiovascular disease.  Dr. Landa points out obvious flaws in the study and stands by the successful efficacy of testosterone therapy without risk of heart disease.  Read More