Success Stories

Kurt Vernon, MD, FACG

Kurt Vernon Gastroenterology Hepatology and Nutrition

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for a wonderful conference in December. I was thoroughly impressed with the amount of information provided, especially the large volume of evidence based studies reviewed. The entire program - the materials, speakers and seminars - was informative, interesting and most importantly, invaluable to me as a physician seeking to improve the quality of life for my patients, and myself and family. I am confident that this conference will assist me in keeping my clients abreast of the most current information as it relates to Anti-Aging Medicine. Thanks again for such an outstanding program! I recommend it to all physicians interested in improving the health of their patients!

Dr. Vernon Williams

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Aboo Nasar, MD

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Jamie Wright

Jamie Wright, DO

Seasons Gynecological Surgery

After just three years of practice as a Board Certified OB/GYN, I came to the realization that the vast majority of my patients were not well. They were stressed to the max, overweight despite all of their efforts, and had poor vitality- in fact, vitality wasn't even in their vocabulary. After two years I realized that I was not able to help them get well and my routine prescription of an SSRI, a synthetic hormone, and brief encouragement to reduce stress never actually worked.

Then, it happened to me! I became the exhausted, irritable, frustrated "patient" who couldn't manage his stress, had daily severe headaches, and no sense of inner vitality. I was getting "love handles" and my wife had a better libido than I did! If I couldn't help my patients with these problems, how could I help myself?

Knowledge- this is what changed my life and my career. I decided that I was no longer willing to live feeling the way I did. I attended an A4M general conference in April 2009. It became immediately obvious that there actually were doctors who acknowledged that traditional healthcare wasn't working; and they had some answers!!

I realized that this was going to change everything and I took a leap of faith and began the Fellowship Training program. One year into this training and I can honestly say that I am making a difference in the lives if my patients- and it began with changing my life.

If you believe that true wellness is more than the absence of disease, then the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine will expand your mind, enable you to truly enhance the wellbeing of your patients, and may just change your life. So hold on, it's a fabulous ride!

Carol Brown, DO

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Anjali Noble

Anjali Noble, DO

Noble Center for Healthy Aging

As a board certified Internist, I was surprised to experience the severe side effects of traditional treatment for PMDD. After successful self treatment by maintaining hormones, better nutrition, and reducing toxins; I was symptom free. My prior training provided little knowledge in nutritional and metabolic medicine.

I decided to join the Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative Medicine, and Functional Medicine at A4M. The modules at A4M have been thorough and innovative. We were taught by well known experts from around the world, each bringing a unique perspective. The training I received at A4M has afforded me an extensive knowledge base. With this new edge education I was able to open my own Anti-Aging practice with a focus in Advanced Preventative care. There, I keep my patients healthy and treat them before they have disease.

The support and information of A4M continually aids me in my new and growing practice today. There is nothing more rewarding than having a patient tell you that after years of searching for relief of their symptoms, they finally feel better. The A4M and its superb staff made it all possible.

Dr. Anjali M. Noble

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Dominique Fradin Read, MD

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Trey Waters, Pharm.D., RPh

I knew very early in life that I wanted to be a business owner, so purchasing my first pharmacy age 25 seemed normal to me. I knew I wanted to be a leader in my community and I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. For the first seven years of practice I followed traditional, conventional, standard practice and tried my best to fill as many prescriptions as possible, never questioning anything and counting by 5's as hard as I could go. It was only when I stepped away from the daily grind that I realized that the majority of my patients were not actually getting better--they were simply being managed. Sometimes they were not 'managed' well at all. I knew in my heart I did not go to school to manage disease states. I went to school to seek and promote wellness, for that is how I could help make a difference in people's lives. I knew I had to make a change! I met Dr. Pam Smith while she was speaking in San Diego at a PCCA conference. She mentioned the A4m Fellowship and I knew right away I wanted to join.

The fellowship has changed my practice in so many ways. For starters, I have the confidence to speak with fellow doctors and colleagues about complementary, "alternative" approaches to patient care. The fellowship has given me the knowledge of how to systematically approach a patient's problem at its root. If we were to treat every symptom with a drug my pharmacy might fill more prescriptions but the patient's health does not improve-and consequently, we have failed. If we restore physiology using bio-identical hormones or correcting nutrient depletions, cleaning up the diet, fixing the gut...and a whole host of symptoms improve, then the patient benefits and we have achieved wellness. This is the goal, right?

With the help of another pharmacist who is taking the fellowship, Billy Wease, I put together a program called 'Healthy Aging and Wellness' and I am teaching the course several times each month from my pharmacy. We are beginning to see some quality changes take place in the health of our patients! It’s been a tough road, but one well worth traveling; we are truly 'a different kind of pharmacy'.

I recommend the A4M Fellowship to anyone who is serious about learning and promoting functional medicine. If you would like to separate yourself from your competition, do this fellowship!

Elena Bensonoff, PharmD

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Sherien Verchere

I am a board certified anesthesiologist and have been practicing anesthesiology for the past 12 years. My interest in the American Academy of Anti-Aging stemmed from the fact that I personally had a suspicious lesion on my annual mammogram. I searched for answers and underwent treatment from an Anti Aging Physician in town. In six months the calcifications on the mammogram DISAPPEARED!! My surgeon was in shock and asked what I was exactly doing!!

I searched for the best source of education for me to learn anti- aging, prevention and regeneration. I asked around and called the A4M and Mr. Michael Ortiz has been invaluable to my education. He encouraged me and I took the written exam the first time I went to the A4M conference in Orlando April 2009. I enrolled in the fellowship program and have been very impressed by the knowledge that I acquired. I have been able to help myself, my family members and my patients. Chronic degenerative diseases are preventible. All the time and money spent attending the fellowships are well worth the investment So, instead of treating your patients symptoms, come and learn how to treat the causes of chronic degenerative diseases and improve your patients quality of physical, mental and sexual life.

Jutta Worwag, MD

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Peggy Watson

Peggy Watson, MD

Land O' Lakes, FL

I recently completed both the Fellowship with the A4M as well as the new Masters in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine from the University of South Florida. It is difficult to express in words how profoundly positive this experience has been. I find that previously difficult clinical situations are now welcome challenges with my new skills. This brand of medicine has sent more new patients to my office than anything in the previous 20 years. They are grateful, happy patients that are sending their friends, relatives and coworkers.

From a personal perspective, my interest in medicine has been renewed and I have never in my professional career wanted to continue studying so much. I previously looked forward to when I could retire from the madness of a typical primary care office; I now look forward to wanting to practice for decades.

With the new Master's degree that can be earned, this emerging field of medicine can no longer be described as alternative or complementary. University backing of the science behind the medicine has instantaneously validated in the public eye all that we have learned and will be appropriately challenging the old definitions of standard of care. I would like to publicly thank all the pioneers in this field that have so arduously paved the way to this momentous time in medicine; the new brand of medicine that has been created will indeed be the future of the best health care available to man.

Nathan Goodyear, MD

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Ajith Nair

Ajith Nair MD, MPM

Director, Kentuckiana
Pain Specialists

Having practiced pain management for the last 15 years and achieving success most of the time with my patients there was always something that was missing. I wasn't able to give back to my patients that desire to live life to its fullest. Patients have a multitude of issues to deal with on a daily basis- stress, weight issues, substance abuse or just feeling devoid of energy and vitality. Nearly every patient that walks through my door is on at least 3-4 medications. Unfortunately, the present medical system is focused on symptom management only instead of disease prevention and wellness maintenance.

My interest in Anti-Aging started with helping my wife get through PCOS. Anyone who has dealt with it knows how frustrating it is for the patient and her family.

Applying all the knowledge and clinical pearls gained from the various Modules at A4M helped improve my wife's quality of life. I am now able to help thousands of patients get through their lives in a vibrant way with a focus on health maintenance. The motto in our office is "No patient left behind".

I want to thank Dr. Goldman, Dr. Klatz and Dr. Smith for giving us the opportunity to be the type of doctors we truly are - individuals genuinely caring for patients and providing medical care that works!

Sahar Swidan, PharmD

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Laurence McClish

Laurence McClish, MD, FAAFM

Reno, Nevada

For the past 40 years, I have worked in the field of medicine based on an anatomy and mechanical model. I graduated from the UC medical school in San Francisco in 1966, and completed an orthopedic surgery residency affiliated with Loma Linda University in 1973. I practiced full-time orthopedic surgery until February of 2010, one month before I turned 70. (I had always said that I would quit while I still knew the location of my office. Ha!) The A4M Fellowship modules are incredible. The professors are world-class. I have talked to many attendees, and we collectively feel as if we're back in medical school, but to a deeper degree. The excitement level is high in the learning sessions. We are learning how to make molecular physiology and biochemistry come alive. We are also learning how to nudge abnormal physiology and biochemistry (that's disease) towards more normal physiology and biochemistry (that's health). Now, that is exciting! Because of applying Anti-Aging principles upon myself, I was able to remain physically and mentally stronger, and work longer in the stressful environment of orthopedic surgery until retirement. My hope is that I can impart this reality to my patients, so that they too can function and serve with more strength.

My 40-year-old anatomy and mechanical model is now being replaced by a model based on physiology and biochemistry. Even though I am one of the older fellows, I'm excited about my new career that is about to unfold.

Lisbeth Roy

Lisbeth Roy, DO

BodyLogicMD of Fort Lauderdale

Through my training in the A4M fellowship I have found real answers to questions and real solutions to the cause of my patient's health challenges. I feel confident in my treatment plan that includes lifestyle change recommendations, and often bio-identical hormone intervention. Therefore, I am successful in helping to empower my patients to change their actions which results in a significant change in how they feel, overall quality of life and the confidence with which they move in the world. I love my practice of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine because my patients not only feel better but they are better. It is very rewarding as a physician to practice a science based medicine; one that makes sense to me as well as to my patients. I prescribe medicines, hormones and/or lifestyle interventions that are based in biochemistry and physiology. This means that the response is most often predictable and I can feel confident that together we are healing the body and not simply masking symptoms to later have to deal with negative treatment side effects. Recently, JAMA has called on all physicians to prescribe LIFESTYLE changes as "first line therapy" in the case of Metabolic Syndrome, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia and Diabetes. It is because of my training through the A4M that I am fully equipped to design treatment protocols that are effective in reversing these processes and therefore helping my patients regain control of their present and future lives. I am grateful!

Dalal Akoury

Dalal Akoury, MD

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I am a board Certified Pediatrician and Emergency Physician; I began my medical career with passion and excitement during the mid 1980's after completing my Pediatric Hematologist Oncology from Emory University. After several years of practicing traditional allopathic medicine, I realized that modern medicine is deceptive as I was not able to help any of my patients by simply patching up their symptoms. I became exhausted, irritable, frustrated, I also developed a chronic cough, and lost my energy. Five years ago at a family reunion I was fortunate to see my cousin Dr. Fouad Ghaly who has been practicing Anti-Aging, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine for at least 15 years. Dr. Ghaly, who is a number of years older than me, looked happy, energetic, young, and full of life; while I looked older, feeble, and frail. This encounter with Dr. Ghaly was the turning point that transformed my medical career. I took a leap of faith and began the A4M Fellowship program, I since have completed the Anti-Aging, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine Fellowship, have attended 11 modules, and have completed the Integrative Cancer Therapies Fellowship. My association with the A4M has transformed my life, my children and my husband's life and my patient's life forever. For the first time after over thirty years of practicing medicine, I feel I am a true physician and a healer. The support and information of A4M continually aids me in my new and growing practice today. There is nothing more rewarding than having my patients finally feeling better.

Dr. Alex Torres

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Nia M. Smyrniotis

Nia M. Smyrniotis, MD, MS

Boca Raton, Florida

The convention in Orlando was a wealth of information, as always! I highly recommend that a physician in ANY field attend who wants to improve the quality of care offered in their practice. I always leave with my brain FULL of new knowledge. And I look forward to the upcoming conventions and Cancer modules. Thank you A4M for making the medical world a better (and much needed) place.

Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson, M.D., Ph.D.

I recently completed my final module in the Aesthetics Fellowship and within two months, using all the information and skills I gained, opened a rapidly growing aesthetic medical practice. Dr. Sharon McQuillan is one of the most respected practitioners of aesthetic medicine in the country. Her experience and knowledge has enabled her to develop and share best-practice models, which I have found to produce uniformly excellent results and happy patients. Ms. Janette Daher, an integral part of this course, has also had a tremendous positive impact through sharing her wealth of business experience in both aesthetics and other consumer businesses. This fellowship training has allowed me to both build the new practice in a very tough economic environment and avoid many of the usual pitfalls of new aesthetic practitioners. The Aesthetics Fellowship is without a doubt THE FINEST aesthetics training program in the country, and I enthusiastically recommend attending to anyone serious about entering this field or improving the quality of their practice. I owe my newly found success entirely to Dr. McQuillan and her vision of providing excellence in aesthetic medicine, and I am confident that this fellowship will help you be successful as well!

Maria Del Vecchio

Maria Del Vecchio, MD

Wellness & Medical Aesthetics of No. Jersey, LLC

My affiliation with A4M has totally transformed the way I practice medicine! After more than twenty years of traditional Internal Medicine, I was frustrated and unhappy. After attending my first A4M conference, I realized there is a better way. I immediately incorporated what I learned into an ailing practice.

Traditional medicine does not focus on disease prevention or the individual patient. I wanted to allow my patients to look good, as well as feel good. My first step was to complete the Aesthetic Fellowship. The training is outstanding. As I continue to work in this field, I see that my knowledge base and the techniques, which I learned in the fellowship, formed a sturdy foundation to build upon. My journey continues, as I now complete the Fellowship in Anti-Aging Regenerative Functional Medicine and masters program. Rarely, in the past did I make as much impact on my patient's health as I do now. My practice is flourishing and I enjoy medicine again!

Sharon G. Thompson

Sharon G. Thompson, RPh, JD

Halesite, New York

For the past quarter century, (with a short hiatus in the middle to attend law school), I have been a practicing pharmacist. Growing up with homeopaths and herbalists, my mother among them, I always knew there was something missing in my professional life. I watched with great sadness as Big Pharma took over the standard of care. I knew there must be a different path for me. I felt not only more dissatisfied with my role as a health care professional, but I became convinced that traditional medicine had gone over the cliff in terms of its approach. We've lost our way; so many people have become dependent upon (often unsafe) pharmaceuticals to take care of all their diseases because that's all mainstream medicine affords them.

I always knew there was a better way, but I felt that the only changes coming were for the worse. Fortunately, in December of '07 a friend invited me to Las Vegas; she was attending the medical aesthetics conferences but told me to look into the Anti- Aging fellowship. Since that first module, starting with the famous "caterpillar" lecture, I was inspired to learn more. I completed the Fellowship in December 2009 and through the process I've met some extraordinary, brilliant teachers, colleagues and leaders in this field. I've expanded my professional skills sufficiently such that I was able to start a compounding and consulting practice in the heart of Manhattan. There are no words to describe my gratitude for this experience; I have found my passion at last thanks to all my wonderful teachers, especially Dr. Pam Smith.

Thomas Joseph Barnard

Thomas Joseph Barnard, MD

FAAFP CAQ (GERIATRICS), FCCFP (EM), FAARM, Fellowship in Anti Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine

When I first talked to Dr. Pam Smith, at the very start of the Fellowship program in Anti-Aging Medicine, I was looking for some like-minded souls. I had been teaching physicians about vitamin and mineral therapies, teaching the public about good nutrition on commercial radio and TV news spots, and educating a large patient population about all these principles for years. I thought I had a pretty good background in the integrative medicine arena, or, "just good medicine," as I was fond of calling it.

Dr. Smith told me I would love her new fellowship program. I would find a community of professionals very interested in the same things I was, so I took her at her word, and became one of the first few students in the Fellowship program, with perhaps 30 other stalwart souls.

I have had my own vision of a truly integrative, compassionate, effective style of systems biology medical practice supported, reinvented, reinvigorated, and renewed.

I have continually been introduced to new cutting edge information and technologies.

My practice, while already busy, has blossomed, and attracted people of all stripes and backgrounds, for whom my new toolkit and renewed enthusiasm have proved invaluable.

A sincere thank you is a barely adequate expression of my appreciation to Dr. Smith, the Fellowship Community, and the A4M. We are the vanguard in the reinvention of the medical model, may our vision continue to grow and prosper.