Part 1

Women's Hormones

2 Weeks

100% Online

From Jan 17
To Jan 30

Delivering Sustained Wellness

Completion of BHRT and Module I is recommended

This 2 week online longitudinal course will prepare the practitioner to prescribe bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for women. It is designed to build clinical confidence, knowledge and medical skills on the risks, benefits and adverse effectsassociated with prescribing BHRT therapy for hormonally related clinical conditions. Research literacy will also be improved with regard to the latest peer reviewed papers on the subject, to highlight new thinking and insights on the subject. If you're looking to refine your clinical decision-making skills while taking your BHRT practice to the next level, this course has been curated especially for you.


In this two week course in Blackboard expect 10-15 hours per of studying and work. Participants will review journal articles, video content, book chapters and complete weekly case assignments and discussion board questions. Faculty members will be available throughout the entirety of the course to respond to questions, review cases and guide discussion. This is an active, engaged, and dynamic learning environment.


Examine the literature on BHRT in women related to benefits, risks and side effects.

Review specific concerns by patients with respect to breast cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Synthesize knowledge and clinical skills through solving BHRT cases

Apply material to a variety of common case presentations to ensure all details of consultation, prescription writing process and case management are addressed.

Interact with faculty and students on a continual basis in an online format to enhance the learning experience, reinforce expertise and engage in an education based community setting.



Workshop Online - Women's Hormones