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In the year since the COVID-19 pandemic first began, scientists and clinicians have learned much more about the virus and its impact on public health and special populations. Further, COVID-19 has highlighted the significant chronic disease burden in our population and magnified the fragile nature of our traditional, disease-based care models.

COVID-19 has brought attention to the importance of targeting inflammation and immune dysregulation—clinical concerns which have long stood as cornerstones of providing personalized, anti-aging medical care. Through this lens, participants of this workshop will gain the latest updates on the current public health impact of the virus, current guidelines on treating COVID-19 patients, the risks and benefits regarding current vaccines, and the emerging risk of the COVID-19 long-hauler population.


  • Review COVID-19 epidemiological data and at-risk populations.
  • Analyze current treatment guidelines for acute COVID-19 infections.
  • Review lifestyle tools to improve metabolic flexibility and immunocompetency.
  • Synthesize the current research on available COVID-19 vaccines including risk/benefit and side effects.
  • Examine the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and potential treatments for the COVID long-hauler population.

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Covid-19: A Primer Update from Treatment to Long Haulers