ABAARM Certification - How It Works

The American Board of Anti-Aging / Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM) offers Board Certification to individuals with MD, DO, DPM, and MBBS degrees.

The long-term objective of ABAARM is to achieve formal sub-specialty recognition and a new status for Anti-Aging Medicine.

ABAARM Process

The ABAARM program consists of Part I (written exam) and Part II (oral exam) which must be taken at separate venues. Typically examinees complete both steps within a year but a timeframe of up to two years is granted to complete Part II after having passed part I.

After passing the oral exam, you have 6 months to submit your requirements and complete the certification.

Step 1: Purchase your review kit and begin studying!

Step 2: Successfully complete Part I the written exam: consisting of 120 multiple choice questions with a predominant focus on practical knowledge and skills in diagnostic and therapeutic interventions, nutritional therapies, pharmaceuticals, endocrinology, neurophysiology, and cancer.

Step 3: Successfully complete Part II the oral exam where candidates are questioned by one or two examiners during an in-person, private exam interview lasting between 40-60 minutes and consisting of one standardized mock case with related clinical questions.

Step 4: Submit all requirements and earn your Board Certification (link to Board Cert Plaque image) in Anti-Aging Medicine.